Rental general terms


An option is valid for seven days. After this deadline, the agency reserves the right to release the accommodation.


The booking is guaranteed only after reception of 25% of the total amount, and the making out of the contract guaranteeing the availability of the accommodation. The deposit commits the payment of the balance even in case of cancellation. Any change of dates or accommodation will lead to the cancellation of the current contract and making out of a new one.


The balance must be paid no later than 30 days before the arrival of the tenant, without recalling from us. Otherwise, the agency will be entitled to release the accommodation. Only payments in cash can be made on the arrival day.


In case of booking within one month before the beginning of the stay, the total amount is required and cashed to make out the contract.


In case of late taking possession of the accommodation and early departure, no repayment can be required by the tenant.


Any prolongation of stay, in case of availability of the accommodation, will lead to make out a new rental agreement with payment of the price calculated in pro rata temporis.


The given prices include the rental of the accommodation, the charges (water, heating, electricity, gas) and the supply of the sheets,  pillowcases and bath mats.


The given prices doesn’t include : the tourist tax, the bath and household linen, household products, logs for fireplace, the end cleaning (a fixed price for the end cleaning according to the size of the accommodation can be suggested on request, according to availability.


The tourist tax is calculated with the number of the night, persons and the rating of the accommodation (0,75€ per night for an non rated and 1* accommodation , 0,9€ for 2* and 1,5€ for 3, 4 and 5*). The agency Gobert Immobilier will put the money back to the municipality.



At the arrival, the delivery of the keys and the sheets are at the agency from 3 p.m. In case of arrival past 6 p.m., the tenant must warn the agency. Because of a large number of departures and arrivals at the same time, no tenant will be accompanied as far as the rental place.


The agency accepts no responsibility for the privations or reduction of the enjoyment that were not generated by its doings. The interrupting operation in the accommodation, building or municipals services : heating, cold and hot water, electricity, snow clearing, WIFI, TV, household appliances, equipment of the flat… will not be able to justify a rent reduction or damages. The agency will make its best to ensure the repair of the damage as soon as possible.


The tenant commits itself to respect the internal or co-ownership rule. He obliges oneself to respect the quietness of the neighborhood at day and night. The accommodation can under no circumstances be occupied by a number of persons over the one which is specified in the contract, the agency reserves the right to request a 30€ additional fee per night and per person. The upper bed in the bunk beds is forbidden for less than 6 years old. Pets will be allowed only with the authorization of the agency.


The owner and the agency remove all responsibility in case of robbery in the rented premises. It’s up to the tenant to be guaranteed from the risk that he could incur. The tenant has to ensure that his home insurance contains a clause “liability insurance” which will ensure himself in case of problem linked to a misuse of the premises or equipment.


At the departure, the keys, sheets, pillowcases and bath mats must be brought back to the agency before 10 a.m. In case of lateness, the agency will be allowed to charge on more night. The flat must be given back clean, in the case may be, a fixed price for the cleaning will be charged on the deposit (guaranty).



A deposit (guaranty) by credit card will be required on arrival to guarantee the return of the accommodation in good condition. It will not be charged and will be cancelled within 10 days after the departure and without recall from us, after deducting possible damages, breakage, missing object, etc… If the end cleaning has not been done correctly, a fixed price will be charged on the deposit for the thorough cleaning of the premises. If the deposit would prove to be insufficient, the tenant agrees to pay the difference required to restore the premise to its original condition.


The premises are checked between each sit-in, and an inventory of fixtures will be given and will have to be returned to the agency within the 72 hours if there is a complaint. Failing that, inventory of fixtures and material will be recognized as compliant and in good working order.



We suggest you an optional cancellation insurance with the broker Chapka insurances with the insurance company AIG, contract n° 4.091.405.

What to do in case of cancellation ?

Report your cancellation to the agency and confirm it in writing (e-mail, letter or fax). It will take effect at reception of this confirmation.

You have subscribed the cancellation insurance :

– Send the form reporting the loss by e-mail, mail or fax within 5 days to : AIG Service Indemnisation – 2AU  Tour CB21 – 16 Place de l’Iris  92040 Paris la défense Cedex. Fax : 01 49 02 43 43, E-mail :

– You have to send every supporting documents asked to look at your loss.

– Your file must be accepted by the insurance company and the paid sums will be refunded, after deducting the insurance premium.

– You have not subscribed the cancellation insurance :

If the flat is rented again for the whole stay, the paid sums will be refunded after deducting 40€ set-up fees.

If the flat is not rented again, the amount paid is not repaid.

If the flat is partially rented again, only the difference remains to the customer.


All difficulty who could take place about this contract will be at the high court jurisdiction from ANNECY or from the tenant’s place of residence.